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Dyana has been a dancer for over 45 years with experience in Modern dance, Jazz, Ballroom, Swing, African dance, Contact Improvisation, and Argentine Tango. In her non dance life, she is an artist and art teacher. To learn more:

In 2005, after teaching ballroom and swing for many years, she began dancing Argentine Tango, learning both the lead and follow roles. She has studied extensively in the Bay Area and her studies and adventures in Buenos Aires adds to her understanding of tango.

Close Embrace tango is Dyana’s passion. She strives to give an intrinsic understanding of the dance, de-constructing it to allow for maximum creativity within the dance. Dyana teaches group and private lessons in Argentine Tango, teaching both the leader and follower roles, and teaches lessons at the SoCo Practica.

To contact Dyana, email her at or call: 707-820-7460