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Mirin began partner dancing in 1990 and spent many years gaining proficiency in ballroom, Latin, swing, and other social dances before discovering Argentine tango in 1998. She began to focus more on Argentine tango in 2005, and continues to study regularly with a variety of teachers in the Bay Area and from Buenos Aires to improve her tango dancing as well as her teaching methods.

An engineer by profession, she applies her analytical skills to better understand and communicate tango technique and the dynamics of the lead-follow relationship. Mirin has experience teaching group and private lessons in Argentine tango and ballroom.

Mirin enjoys dancing all of the different styles of tango, from the subtle communication of apilado close embrace, to the more varied and dramatic steps of open embrace and tango nuevo.

In addition to dancing to traditional tango music at milongas, Mirin also likes to dance tango at social dances to nightclub two-step, swing, blues, foxtrot, and other types of music.

She feels that the best dances are the ones where both partners are contributing to the interpretation of the music in a synergistic way.

Contact information:

  • 707-545-6173