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Susan has been dancing since her Mother took her to tap class at age five. She continued with classes in tap, ballet, jazz and modern dance and received a Masters Degree in Modern Dance.

For over 30 years she has studied, taught, choreographed and performed American style ballroom dancing including 16 years teaching at the Santa Rosa Junior College and 11 years at her own dance studio in Santa Rosa.

Susan has studied Argentine Tango since 2010, and assists Dyana at the SoCo Practica classes, both leading and following.

Susan has these comments about why she enjoys tango:

"What I love about following this dance, especially close embrace, is the opportunity for a deep, often magical connection with the leader for that tanda ( 3-4 dances). I also get to contribute to the interpretation of the music in a way that is not available to me in most other partner dance styles."

"As a leader I am thrilled by the possibilities for creating a unique interpretation of a song as my partner and I become a team for that particular song on the dance floor."